Ghazi Al Balushi, born and raised in the Sultanate of Oman, is a young aspiring singer-songwriter and self-taught musician from the middle east; best known for his acoustic solo acts, and producing original music that could most often be recognized under the umbrella of the indie/folk genre.

At a young age, like most children Ghazi showed interests in self-expression through creativity; spending his teenage years experimenting with different skills from visual arts, theatre/drama to poetry & songwriting, eventually settling on music. His first musical instrument was the trumpet, and from there on he slowly learnt to train his musical ear to pave a road bridging a transition from the trumpet to the guitar; in which he initially focused on the Spanish Flamenco style of playing, and later on branched out into different styles. 

Songwriting and original musical compositions began at around the age of 15, following his passion for poetry. However, Ghazi’s music remained behind closed doors until 2014; where he performed an original song live for the first time among a modest crowd at a local charity event, and since then has been publically sharing his music on different social media platforms, attracting a sizable following and a supportive fan base growing from all around the region. 

Balucci continues to mature as a musician developing his songwriting skills and vocal training further to tell his stories through relatable music,  which he devotedly produces for his listeners to serenade to.  

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